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Music of my mind…


I wish I made it…

Map of the Arab World; 8th Century

Map of the Arab World; 8th Century(?)

I just love this painting.

I keep meaning to do some variations of it on a run of platters.  Maybe after this glaze cycle…

music of my mind…

Turkey Blogging

Buttered Bird- Me pullin' a Cos

Buttered Bird

The Bird- she is in.  We are having a late feast and I’m in charge of the turkey.

I’ve combined a few recipes, brined the bird over night, got a giblet stock going for the gravy, stuffed the bird with veg, shrouded her with cheesecloth soaked in dry white wine and butter and we’re off!

I’ll see if I can keep posting photos as the bird roasts.

Shrouded Bird

Shrouded Bird

Peeling back shroud

Peeling back shroud

see the face?... no, me either.

see the face?... no, me either.

Quiet,  the bird is resting.

Quiet, the bird is resting.

music of my mind…

Happy Thanksgiving.

Pre-Turkey Pots



I’m so pleased to be a part of next year’s Yunomi Show at AKAR Gallery.  Now I’m not sure that I have ever made anything that I would  call a Yunomi- but I like a challenge.  I made a small test run this week.  The above image was the best of this first bunch.

I worked into the wee hours tonite, finishing up all the wet pots I had in the studio.  I thought it would be nice to devote tomorrow entirely to my turkey.

Then it’s a bisque and three glaze kilns between friday and wednesday for a couple shows next week.

Below are a few shots of the soup bowls after painting:


Ogata Kenzan on my mind…

Ogata Kenzan -Incense Box; ca.1731-1743
Ogata Kenzan -Incense Box; ca.1731-1743

This is the first pot I remember associating with the great Japanese Potter, Ogata Kenzan (1663-1743).  I must have been in Scholes Library with a big stack of books piled next to my cozy chair.  I remember feeling that I had just seen something special.  There seemed so much contained expression in this simple, tiny object.  This was the kind of pots I wanted to make.

As I work in my studio I try to be guided by great objects of the past and the artists that made them.  I don’t wish to duplicate great objects, but to create pots that dwell inside a lineage with them.  I like to imagine that if a pot of mine was placed next to a great pot, like the one above, a conversation could take place.

The Kenzan piece was on my mind today as I finished up this little spice jar:

spice jar-after Kenzanspice jar-after Kenzan (top)

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