Would you say I have a plethora?



I coughed and sniffled thru a darn good day in the studio.

I’ve got a short stack of dinner plates started.  I’m moving down from 14″ wet diameter to 12″ wet diameter and the jury is still out.  I think I’ll miss the surface area for to paint but they are more practical for the average cupboard.

I have also hit on a new motif, which is very exciting for me.

Long story-short:

I appropriated the above cavebird way back in the late nineties.  It has meant a great deal and a great many things to me over the years*.  Cavebird has appeared on hundreds of my pots in one incarnation or another.  Even his most recent full bodied depictions would be a stranger to my dear original cavebird (Lascaux circa 14,000bc).  I think it’s been about a year now that I have removed his head and used It exclusively, hiding here or there in a Waldo type fashion.  Cavebirdhead doesn’t show up on everypot that rolls out of my studio but if you find him on a piece in your collection you’ll know I gave your pot all I had.

So it’s become just cavebirdhead.  On a lark a few months ago I gave a mug a cavebirdhead and then another and another and another and I couldn’t stop myself.  Cavebirdheads were everywhere and that was that.  I ended up keeping that mug and it’s been taunting me.  Finally I’ve decided to launch Gaggleware.  Below are the inaugural pots featuring the gaggle motif.


I think there is great promise in there.  One of the features I especially respond to is the physical repetition.  For a long time I striped my pots, carving with a fine needle thru white slip back to red clay at hard leatherhard.  The chore of it appealed:  I start here – I have to end there -there will be hundreds of lines between here and there and I better just put my head down.

The lines would become stories.  Each an individual with character and integrity.

Now Cavebirdhead carries that torch but with a bit more substance.  No?

Here are a few of the other mugs that moved along today:



*the day may come when I tell the complete and unabridged story of Stevie’s Adventures with Cavebird, including archival images.  I think such an offering will necessitate the use of a ‘magic word’ and a stiff drink.


1 Response to “Would you say I have a plethora?”

  1. 1 Chris C. November 12, 2008 at 8:57 am

    haha!! The Three Amigos!

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