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i wish i made it…

Dripping Dish; Late Medieval Hertfordshire

Dripping Dish; Late Medieval Hertfordshire

I went pokin around the intertubes lookin for something i wish i made and came up with this.  I must admit it caught my eye because I thought the thumbnail caption said ‘dripping fish’ which really captured my imagination.

What I really like about this pot is its casual specificity.  There really isn’t a heck of a lot you could do with this pot except catch fat, and the patina shows it must have done its job.  The transitions from floor-to wall-to lip are very appealing and the slightest indication of a pouring edge on the left is so barely enough.

I don’t see a need to catch fat any time soon, but

i wish i made it…


Being There…


I’ve been slogging thru Doris Kearns Goodwin’s excellent Team of Rivals.  It’s a fascinating read and better than the hype and coincidance that has been surrounding it.

I took a break from it last night and cracked open Jerzy Kosinski’s little novel, Being There.  I thought I’d share this early passage:

And yet, with all it’s life, even at the peak of it’s bloom, the garden was it’s own graveyard.  Under every tree and bush lay rotten trunks and disintegrated and decomposing roots.  It was hard to know which was more important: the garden’s surface or the graveyard from which it grew and into which it was constantly lapsing.

music of my mind…

post it so you don’t do it edition…

more cups…

Some runners’ up from the last kiln load.

(Still sans camera in the studio – i’m workin on it.)

music of my mind…

More Kenzan on My Mind…

Colby, striped cup (after Kenzan)

Colby, striped cup (after Kenzan)

This is a cup made during my yunomi run that isn’t quite a yunomi – but a favorite none the less.  Made in the same spirit as that spice jar posted a while back.

While the getting is good…

Sam Chung, Ewer 2oo8

Sam Chung, Ewer 2oo8

Yesterday was a good day.  The stars aligned in such a way that I HAD to acquire the above piece.  I’ve been drooling over it for weeks and last night other people were looking at MY Chung pot and I got jealous- so i invoked the red dot.

I also had the privilege to run thru a great private art collection in Aspen yesterday morning.  A collection begun by being in the right place at the right time and snapping up art you can’t quite afford before it becomes art you will never be able to afford.

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