i wish i made it…

Minoan Octopus Jar; c. 1500 BC

Minoan Octopus Jar; c. 1500 BC

it’s late and i’m whooped, but i’ve got something on my mind:

the wet jar of mine a couple posts down is now bisquet and i’m fixin to glaze it tomorrow.   i’m kinda stoked about it.

i’ve always loved these octopus jars (pity i can’t find a really great image of one).  i’ve always wanted to get some of it into my pots.

The sense that this jar creates that there is an octopus inside this pot blows my mind.  You know there isn’t but it alloys you to imagine that there is.  i wish i made it…


My jar below is starting to do this for me.  I’m imagining that the jar is filled with a gas lighter than air that allows these blossoms to float upwards  – only kept in by the lid  – voluntary illusion.

Now what is working for me on this pot (mine) is a deeper question for me to puzzle over.  I think it is about all the elements coming together.  The volume is critical, the solidity of the pot is key, the texture is helping, the color will matter, the starkness and weight of the lid is doing it,  and the painting needs to be there.

The white band, and it’s abrupt halt really carry a lot of weight for me.  It creates a solid opaque that alloys for (and encourages?) the dream of the painted section to act as translucent, a window inside.


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