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i wish i made it…


I’ve been pulling images for the wish i made it… series from antiquity.

This one is a little different.  I took this shot myself back in 2oo5 outside of Michael Hunt’s studio – and quickly realized I had to have this pot.  It has been holding my dogfood for the past few years and performing admirably.

As I think about working big and making large covered jars – I can’t help but think back to our afternoon with Michael as he toured us thru his kiln, showroom and studio and treated us to a life changing Onggi demonstration:

Michael is one of the very best potters goin.   Check out his website and blog chronicling his recent travels in Korea with partner Naomi Dalglish.


Isaac Button can throw a ton of clay into pots in a day

I was first shown this film by Linda Sikora in ’97 when I was still struggling with centering clay.  I was reminded of it this evening while poking around Doug Fitch’s blog.

I’ve been thinking about going BIG with my lidded jars.  For me – that means anything over 15″ tall and round.  Mostly I’m interested in having greater surface area with which to work, but I’m also gearing up to test and stretch my technical and physical limits on the wheel.

Watching Isaac work – I’m not so intimidated.  I’m actually afraid I won’t find sleep tonite – so anxious am I to get to the studio and wrestle with 2o or so pounds.

I’m also thinking of wearing a tie and digging out my old pipe, but that’s another story…

music of my mind…

This blog is experiencing emotional difficulties…


please stand by.

music of my mind…

one of the good old good ones…


Colby, Mug 2oo8

Colby, Mug 2oo8

I’ve been cleaning up and adding images to my gallery pages.

There are changes and editions to Cups and Mugs, Plates and Bowls and Details.

Check it out…

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