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And they’re off…


This is the dinnerware I just sent off to A LA CARTE.  I was able to squeeze off a few quick snaps before sending ’em down to Arizona.

Flowers and Wax and Stripes – oh my.

I’m off to the studio to finish off my wet work before taking off for the Artstream’o9 tour.  I’ll be posting details on the tour in the next couple days…

One more cup…


Akar‘s annual Yunomi show is up and running.  There’s a spoil of riches over there.  Some really amazing pots for some really reasonable prices.  I know you all have room for one more cup and I know a bunch of potters who need to be stimulated.  Go on over and have a look

Goin’ to Phoenix?


Ready or not – Here comes NCECA.

I’m looking forward to this year’s conference.  Always a good time to catch up with old friends and make some new ones.

Most of my time in Pheonix will be taken up by the Artstream – but I’m also pleased and excited to be included in A LA CARTE.

Thanks to Christian Tonsgard–  two local eateries will be serving off some great studio pots (and some of my pots too) thruout the conference.

Stop by Lux and House of Tricks for a cup of coffee or a bowl of soup!!!


New for Spring…


Here are a few other recent shots of recent pots.  You can also find them in the Cups and Mugs; Pitchers and Jugs and Jars galleries.

and one bonus pot:

Made by Alleghany, painted by me:


New Pots

Colby; rice bowl; 3.o9

Colby; rice bowl; 3.o9

Some new pots, fresh from the kiln- posted to plates and bowls gallery.

more to come…

i wish i made it…


I feel badly about how stale this blog has become – and sick of Dylan popping up as my homepage every time i need to log on to my e-mail just to keep the wheels of  my life greased.  So I give you this Vermeer canvas: painted in 1664.

I grew up knowing this painting as ‘Woman Admiring Pearls’ because that was what the rich old lady in the film ‘Arthur’ called it upon her acquisition.  “the dealer jerked me around on the price”, I remember the old lady relating to her drunken, playboy grandson “but, I had to have it”.

I think  I was ten or twelve when I first saw the picture, but it made an impression.

Now, almost 20 years later, I am both an artist and a dealer (of sorts) and the painting is still amazing.

As I pick up the pieces of my life, in the wake of a destroyed marriage, I think of this canvas often… I was performing my morning rituals, not too long ago, and caught myself in the mirror, and took a mental snapshot –  ” Man putting on Socks” – and saw myself in Vermeer’s special light.

I imagine we all have these moments of realization inside the mundane- where beauty presents itself- and I’m attempting not to take these observations for granted.

As I think about my approaching basement bachelor pad, and setting up an area for painting on canvas, I think about this, going on,  4oo year old work and think:

i wish i made it…

music of my mind…

i’ve backed off from these music of my mind… posts lately, largely because most of my daily musical consumption has been sad Dylan tunes –  and this blog is meant to be a place of joy.

Anyway – here’s a sad Dylan tune from the ’89 record Oh Mercy.

American Soil


I unloaded a kiln of pots today and the picks of the litter will be showing up in Aspen thru the month of March.

It’s a group of down valley artists working in glass, metal, wood, jewelery and clay and looks to be a really strong showing.  Thanks to the Red Brick Center for the Arts and thanks to Steve Leetch for bringing us together.

I’ll try to get some fresh images of the new pots posted up here in the coming days…

And I’ll hope to see you locals at the Red Brick on Thursday evening.

i wish i made it…

I found this in my inbox this morning from a friend who knows what i like.  I’m sitting here drinking my coffee and thinking of all the people i want to share this with and then i thought –

i wish i made it…


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