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i miss Texas

Texas Tour 'o9 118

here’s some shots of our post business R and R leg of the Texas Tour.

thanks Louise, David and Moki!

i wish i made it…

17th century; Oribe dish

17th century; Oribe dish

a real looker.!.

i’m most impressed by the composition of this piece.  there is a thing going on in the brushwork using decorative motif to build landscape.  the central weedy cluster alludes to a rendering en plein air – but is supported by tiles featuring stylized flowers- and then surrounded by an arabesque border.  And of course the green glaze inserting itself with bold control. oh – nice form also.

everything comes together on this piece.  it really shows off the powers of observation and the creative imagination of its maker.

i wish i made it…

music of my mind…

moving music.

The ones that go away…

Sencai Jar, Steven Colby

I may have been a bit ambitious thinking that I’d be getting into the studio anytime soon.  Life on the road made anything seem possible.  Now that I’m back in Bonedale the realities of obligations and daily grind have caught me rearranging priorities.

I’m moving house and home – closing on the 29th and moving back into old town Carbondale.  Also shifting my space at SAW on the 1st of June – so don’t look for too much studio posting before that.  I’ll try to keep the blog fresh w/ images from the road and maybe some music.

The kiln load I squeezed out before heading off to Texas was one of the best batches of pots I’ve pushed thru in awhile.  Sadly, I did not get to document the work before taking it out on the road.

One of my great dilemmas in making pots is dealing with the ones that go away.  I don’t mind it so much when they’ve been sitting around for awhile – or even if I have the opportunity to take a good look at them during a photo shoot.  It’s the ones that have barely cooled down that slip away that I always seem to miss.

Above is one of the 4 brand new jars that i left in the wake of the Artstream Texas Tour.  It has found a great home and I’m sure I’ll get to visit it again – but I do wish I had a couple better photos.

As I’m planning on making applications for graduate school over the next couple months – i hope to get better at taking the time to photograph all the pots that are moving the ball forward.  I think it is an essential part of the ceramic process for a professional potter and I’m trying to become more and more professional.  So even as I enter the silly season of weekly sales at the Aspen Farmers market mixed with other shows and commitments – look out for shots of moving the ball forward.

I’m wondering if any of my potter/readers have similar attachment issues and how that has changed over your careers or how the phenomena has effected the ways you make, think about, document and distribute your work.  Any thoughts would be welcome.

shot of the day…

steven colby texas tour 'o9

North of Austin / South of Dallas outside a DQ at sunset.

should i take it.?.

Artstream Texas Tour 'o9

The Artstream has landed…

We pulled in around supper time last evening, safe and sound.  I’m going to take the day to re-enter, recover and reorganize.  I’ll hope to get into the studio at some point tomorrow – get some pots goin and some photos posted.

stay tuned…

there i go…


well the Artstream is fixin to move up thru the great state of Texas and back home to Colorado.

I can’t imagine having had a better time on tour.  The crew is pleasantly exhausted, humbled and staggering from the enormous generosity of our hosts and patrons.

Looking forward to getting back home – into the studio and loading up this blog with some highlights from my new camera.

where i’m going…


Well i’m off for Texas in the morning.  Thought it be nice to leave the blog with an image of a recent pot that is a leaping off point for my work moving forward.

This jar is a culmination of so many of my interests over the years: Tang dynasty sancai ware, Ogata Kenzan, Minoan marine jars, Cy Twombly’s peonies etc… all synthesised into my process.

At the moment I’m trying to pull a more subtle slip underpainting beneath these melty flowers in the foreground.  I’m anxious to get back at it following the tour.

I’m hoping to sell enough pottery to feel good about buying a camera for studio/blog use upon my return.  Wish me luck…

music of my mind…

sorry for the downer…

you buys the ticket, you takes the ride.

goodbye Mrs. Colby…



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