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music of my mind…

a little mid – 9o’s Stevie.

i’ve always had a soft spot for this song – it really is no big thing.


mug of the moment…


Alleghany Meadows; 2oo5

The big move had me pack up my too big pots collection and make some decisions.  I have all my pots with me, mostly, but only very few are out of their cardboard boxes.

I allowed myself the time in my packing process to select ‘cups and mugs for now’; ‘plates and bowls for now’ etc… About half a dozen of each and they have gone into pretty heavy rotation.

I’m quite liking the simplicity of selection each morning and getting to know better certain pots that have been in my life for awhile now.

Above is a mug that Ghany made @ Penland during our Spring Concentration in ‘o5.  It’s loaded w/ sentiment because of that association – but also one hell of a mug.  The negative space in the handle is just loaded w/ tension and dicipline.  I didn’t quite capture it this morning  – but that first tuck in of the handle comes ever so close to contacting the mug  – yet does not.  I could have caught a sliver of daylight poking thru in that spot – had i a bit more coffee running thru me.

Whatya want at these prices?

music of my mind…

Another of Issac’s ‘things that make life worth living’ selections from Manhattan.

I love the sense of all which is possible that is conveyed in this piece.  Thanks again Wolfie.

history – now

I strolled thru the studios @ the Anderson Ranch this morning and had a delightful time.  In addition to the exhibition Julia Galloway mounted for us at the gallery  – she has been in town to teach a two week course on ceramic history which concludes today.  It was a ton of fun to see so many highlights of our history spread out on the work tables – and some great finds in the books lying around:

i woulda shoulda taken her class…

couple other new shots:

Sancai Jar – start to finish…

Steven Colby ~sancai jar 6'o9

This is the jar I’ve been sharing w/ yawl all the way along the process.

Follow its journey below:

stupit WordPress never puts things in the right order – but you get the idea.

wet pot…

Steven Colby

I got a quick studio day in yesterday and back up to the gallery for the next couple days.

I’m really digging how wet this pot is looking and hoping to preserve that quality and then add some gooey glaze flowers over top later on.

I’ll get some shots of new finished work up tonite.  stay tuned…

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