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I just got a nice stack of these posters in the mail to spread around.

I’m very pleased and somewhat daunted to be a part of this year’s American Pottery Festival at the Northern Clay Center.  It looks to be a jam packed weekend with some wonderful lectures, great pots for sale and culminating with Walter Ostrom delivering a talk called the Virtue of Necessity.

I’m betting that it’ll be a barnburner…

remembering beauty

Victor Babu, Copper Red Charger with Lizards ~ 2007

Victor Babu, Copper Red Charger with Lizards ~ 2007

I had the good fortune to attend an afternoon lecture given by Victor Babu up at the Anderson Ranch today.  From his formative years learning how to take in art at the Met – to his realizations of just how important the studio is to his happiness – Victor was ringing bells for me left and right.

Sam, a former student of Victor’s, was kind enough to introduce me afterward and the thing is – a great teacher never stops teaching.  We spoke for maybe five minutes, but he’s got my mind racing with a hundred ideas of how to move forward in my work.

Now Victor earned his BFA from Alfred, like myself.  He was talking about how wonderful it was to have a man like Robert Turner teach him basic wheel.  Many years later John Gill, another student of Victor’s, would be teaching me how to make a bowl on the very same grounds.

Some days i just love our field.

If you are unfamiliar w/ Victor’s work here is a shot for scale:

Victor with chargers

music of my mind…

…because a mind is a terrible thing to waste.

i was talking about this today:

Victor Babu is coming to the valley.  He’ll be a guest artist @ the Anderson Ranch this next week- i hope to get up there a bit.

scenes from the market…


Really good day at the market – lots of laughs, lots of beauty and we found good homes for a bundle of pots.

Here’s some of what it looked like out there:

now i’m off to Carbondale’s Mountain Fair – who doesn’t Love summer in the Rockies?

kiln out-

some nice results…no?

glazing day

glazing 7.23.o9 (17)

just got a kiln loaded – should have pots out in time for Carbondale’s 38th Annual Mountain Fair.

I’m hoping the above photo will land me a spokesman gig for Shimpo Banding Wheels, the Spraymaster, rubberized feed tubs or Corner Creek Kentucky Bourbon – all invaluable tools that I can’t say enough good things about.

Here are a couple shots of the process:

I’ve leaned into that modified sancai motif I’ve been playing with and a couple nods to Oribe ware as well.  I moved quickly (for me) and I’m curious to see the load come out tomorrow nite.

Off to make a turn up – I REALLY need to get a computer for my kiln.

lest i forget

Ron Meyers piggy

There’s a great show up at the Harvey/Meadows Gallery.

Ron Meyers – who is a personal hero  – is headlining and has sent an amazing body of work out to Aspen.

We also have made selections from our usual suspects ranging from Betty Woodman to Jeffrey Kaller to Richard Shaw.

Richard Shaw detail

there’s some great work available for purchase, but This One –

Ron Meyers rabbit

she is mine…

i have a mug

i have a mug (1)this will go to the ArtStream Library

i have a mug

music of my mind…


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