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Steven Colby 10.2.o9 front

So my internet connection was down and the gallery has been taking up a bunch of time.

Now that I’m settled back in Carbondale I get to gear up for my solo show at SAW.  I’ve decided not to go nuts trying to push a fresh kiln load out for the show and instead have a good look at the body of work that I’ve produced over the last couple months.

I’d sure like to see all my local readers come out to the show a week from tomorrow.


as I’m just getting my mailing list together please let me know if you’d like to be added.  send me an e-mail thru the contact page on this blog with your info and i’ll pop a card in the mail to you.

details on the show as follows:

Steven Colby 10.2.o9 back

and a big thanks to Elizabeth Robinson for getting this card together while i was on the road.  She is a great potter and great to work with thru her side business – Postcards for Artists – check  her out for your postcard needs.

music of my mind…

Spending the nite in Lincoln, NE with some dear friends.  I’ll be making my way home to Carbondale tomorrow.  I need a bumpersticker that says ‘Ziggy Stardust  is my co-pilot’.

I’m looking forward to filling you in on the trip  – lots of things to share.

And the image galleries will be updated soon as well – god willing.

T minus…


i’ve found my way to the Northern Clay Center and all systems -GO- for tonights opening of the American Pottery Festival.

It’s an impressive room of pots and i’m sure to return home with my bins as full as they came – one way or another.  I’ve picked out more pots than I should have and I can only hope that other folks snap some of them up before i get to them.  I’ve shot lots of images and will share when I get home – no use spending vacation on the computer.

Big thanks to all the folks at the Northern Clay Center and especially to my hosts – Dominique and David for sharing their lovely home.

I’m off to walk to the Walker.

i wish i made it…


A funny Kenzan-

it’s always nice to find that the direction i’m heading in was so far anticipated by a hero.

odd little form – curious pallet – right up my alley –

i wish i made it…

one more for the road…

Steven Colby 9.o9 (1)The pot’s are packed and ready to head off to Minneapolis.   I’ll gather my personals in a windstorm as i try to blow out of here bright and early – which is just ’round the bend.

I took the time to shoot the work as it rolled out of kilns , and i’m glad i did.-  I had a great session last nite and another this morning.  Thanks to the guys at Harvey/Meadows for letting me use their gear – good friends are the best thing to have.  I snapped multiple hundreds of images – here are a few that caught my eye from this morning’s shoot:

Perhaps I’ll get the chance to post from the APF and perhaps no.  Either way I’ll give you a rundown upon my return.

pots out –

Steven Colby - pots out 9.o9 (8)

I’ve just loaded my last glaze kiln for the APF.

Here are some snaps of yesterday’s haul:

raw glazed jars

Steven Colby- raw jars; 9.o9 (5)

lots of glazing going on – some final kiln loads in preparation for the APF


dianekenney on i saw
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