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fresh pots…

these little fellers just came out of the kiln yesterday.  the images should get cleaned up a bit in the coming weeks – but we’re informal here:

some of these pots will be available at Baltimore Clayworks Winterfest, some will be in the CCC Holiday Show and the rest will come on the road with me as I visit family, teachers and friends.



rocky mnt high

Oct. 2oo9

1st snow in 'Bonedale

a beautiful day to edit and compile images from yesterday’s kiln.

i’ll be getting some fresh pots up today…


@ both ends


long nights in the studio as of late – tromping back and forth from the studio thru the gallery  – making new work and taking in the show @ the SAW gallery each time i need to get to the fridge or the bano.

i like to just let the pots in the gallery effect me when i’m in the middle of the next round.  i try not to think too hard on them or pick them apart too much while i’m in a creative cycle.  thru setting the show – hosting the opening and delivering the gallery talk  – i have a pretty good idea of what i did.  now that i’m moving the ball forward it’s handy to be able to run into the gallery for a quick ‘ what did that look like under that? ‘ issue – but other than the small technical queries-  i mostly just let the show wash over me.

i’ve just got a next glaze kiln loaded –

here’s a couple shots of the process:

Scene SAW

Autumn o9 (10)

Stanley Bell @SAW

I’m a bit short on words these days.  The studio scene has been really active recently and i’ve been having some great time with my SAW colleagues.

I’ve got a bisque in – mixed some fresh glaze – and transitioned the studio into glaze mode.  Big day manana.

I hope everyone likes pictures…

just another week in paradise…

Copy of DSCN2787

An amazing Indian Summer has come around here in the Roaring Fork Valley.  Things are heating up in the studio  – but – alas – images are not forthcoming.  Here’s a bit of the Roaring Fork Valley and beyond – shot over this past week:

I’ll shoot in and around the studio tomorrow…

Ron Nagle

My good buddy, Angus Graham, just showed me this video  – it’s a must see.

Coincidentally, we just got three great Nagles into the Harvey/Meadows Gallery.

I haven’t shot them yet – but i’ll post when i do.

early trick or treat?

Anderson Ranch printshop

Anderson Ranch printshop

What a treat!

I got to take a 1 day monotype workshop today.

I’ve always been attracted to the idea of printmaking, but never had the means to explore the process.  I ended up having the best time in recent memory.

Big thanks to Matt Christie for having me.  He really seemed to be in two places at once today and helped us all make some pretty great work.

Matt Christie - master printmaker

Matt Christie - master printer

and thanks to Dick Carter who took these great photos using a ‘stitch’ application on his iphone.

Here are some crappy snapshots of the prints I made today – all from the same plate – in no particular order:

What a great class!

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