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Sunday blues


Thankful me

A dear friend gifted me this wonderful Michael Hunt Bandana Pottery mug while I was on the road.  Nice to have it home and pressed into service.

My collection continues to bring me joy.  I’ve just added a healthy handful of pots to the stacks and they make me so thankful to be a part of our clay world.

The studio is a bit creaky these days – here is a little investigation from the past couple days:

I also wanted to share this bit of a poem with you today:

How marvelous is the reality of the present moment!  Each leaf is a universe of taste, scent, and memories.  Each one is a unique world, both spiritual and temporal.  A single leaf encompasses the entire universe.  We tremble at this revelation that inspires great devotion.  We bow in front of the miracle of this manifistation.  We no longer dare neglect the smallest thing: leaf, stone, or fragrence.

from The Little Buffalo in Pursuit of the Sun

~Thich Nhat Hanh


NCECA will be here before we know it – and two days before that will be an amazing Preconference hosted by Michael Connelly and Alleghany Meadows @ Montgomery College.  I suggest you all register right away and come out to Philly a few days early.

Making Through Living

Living Through Making

a two day event (March 29, 30) focused on the journey of the contemporary studio potter

There will be simultaneous demonstrations by:

Ron Meyers

Ellen Shankin

Christa Assad


Andy Brayman

as well as a keynote address by Studio Potter’s Mary Barringer and panel discussions featuring Julia Galloway, Ayumi Horie, Alleghany Meadows, Michael Connelly, Andy Brayman, Lisa Orr and Steve Lee.

the Artstream Nomadic Gallery will also be in attendance with maybe our best lineup to date .

This is going to be a really inspiring event. Enrollment is limited. We have kept the price really affordable. Standard cost is $135. Full-time students are $85.


Visit the website for information and feel free to print out this flyer to post as you will

Call 215-641-6397 to register with your credit
card. (Monday-Friday/9-5 E.S.T). If you leave a message, the operators
will call you back!

Sunday blues

it’s like a pot…

i was kept awake the other nite thinking about making 50 or so blocks in a sandy cast terra cotta  – building a wall and painting them w/ slips and then glaze.

it is beautiful in my mind.

i wish i made it…

Medieval Chamber Pot

1300AD – 1500AD

This object speaks for itself.
Rather worryingly, the description in the Yorkshire Museum’s database says:
“Greenish glaze on upper two-thirds of body.  Internal deposit.”

Things may get a little weird around here as i transition from studio potter into grad school applicant.  As i ask the big questions of why? and what? around returning to school i’m finding all kinds of avenues opening in my brain.

Challenging my own commitment to pots as a primary means of expression feels really good.  I’ve been thinking about school as a continuation of making outside of the demands of the marketplace.  Feeling like i don’t have to produce ‘product’  – i am becoming more keenly aware of my relationship to ‘object’ and how objects  carry ‘image’.

that having been said – this is a pretty great pot.

i wish i made it…

Sunday blues

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