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Sunday blues.

Studio is cookin’ thanks to good tunes like this.  I’ll get a small glaze kiln in today for cups going to Carbondale Clay Center’s “pairings” show and another 2 glaze kilns this week for a show at SAW for this coming 1st Friday –

Paper, Paintings and Pots

~ steven colby and stanley bell

stay tuned for details and images.

this is what has been going on in the studio this past week:


Sunday blues.

studio tuesday

studio is up and running.

i’m prepping for the upcoming Artstream tour and also a show with my man Stan Bell @ SAW for first friday.  The show will include paintings, paper and pots.  Stan and I have been collaborating on some paper and i’ve just got him starting to make some marks on pots.  So nice to work with another artist – stoked about the show.

Christmas in February

Sam just gave Alleghany and I our Christmas presents.  Made especially by Ayumi to assist us in learning to speaka de Italian language.

Joseph and Andy look jealous behind us.

Just opening a great new exhibition featuring new work of Sam Harvey and Andy Brayman.  Come on out if you have the means.

Check the Harvey/Meadows website for images of the new work.


when our leaders learn to cry

more pics tonite of the new load of cups:

February 2o1o

GO Saints!


it’s 1st Friday in ‘Bonedale.  I expect to see all you locals out and about tonite.

Join us at SAW:

off to unload a cup kiln – images tomorrow…

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