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sunday blues – road edition

one of my favorite tunes from Kansas City.  Lester on clarinet – does it get any better?

KC has once again treated the Artstream well – despite a healthy snow storm.  We’ll be shoving out shortly to head to Wabonsee community college for two days of demos, lectures and show.

if you want to follow the Artstream’s progress – best to friend it on the facebook – we’ll be doing regular updates at each stop on the tour…


before i go

i wanted to share a couple quick snapshots with yawl before this blog goes dark for a month.

these are installation shots of the show i opened on first friday with Stanley Bell-


and some snaps of the scattered kiln load that i’m taking with me:

enjoy the beginning of Spring, wish me luck on tour and be sure to stop by the Artstream and say hello if you’ll be in Philly for the BIG conference.

pots in


tour pots have reached temp.

i’ll hope to share some crude shots of the kiln load tomorrow before packing up…

Sunday blues

I got to see that beautiful old man up there at the Wheeler Opera House in Aspen on friday nite.  Gathering my friends on the spur of the moment to run out to Montclair, NJ to see Richie play one summer nite back in 1995 changed my life.  This is my favorite tune of his from the pre-Freedom days.

This’ll be the last Sunday blues and my last glazing day before I hit the open road with a 3o ft. silver twinkie.

Check the schedule to see if we’ll be stopping in a town near you as we make our way to Philly for the really big show:

here are some raw images of recent pots:

Wednesday get up and blues

i’m running at least 3 days behind right now so here is this blog’s fix of blues –

it’s a long time favorite and a humdinger.


check out the developing library website:

flip thru the card catalog, follow the Artstream, sign up on our mailing list and say hello at the blog.

it is still a work in progress – but it’s lookin good.

it’s a coming…

if you ever have the chance:

arrange to have a show with a kickass painter who also happens to be a very talented graphic designer.  Stanley just whipped this poster up like it was nothin.  isn’t he good?

i just fired a kiln off and will load another tomorrow.  we’ll finish up our collaborative works on paper and then i have to figure out how to show 2D stuff- it’s been awhile.

stay posted for images of the new work.

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