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Look who’s back.

I’ve been missing this bloggity blog and wondering just how long i could stay away.

I’m back today to use this blog and the internets as a platform for a quick piece for an excellent class i’m taking: Art&Life w/ Chris Staley.

The class has been charged with making a piece of ephemeral art.  The typical Goldsworthy type moments spring to mind – and i’d love to step out and play with leaves, ice and twigs on this beautiful day that sits right between Autumn and Winter.


I’m stuck behind my laptop – working on multiple presentations for tomorrow.

So I thought i’d go ahead and use the tools at hand.

So what you get is a stream of conciousness image  – up above – posted, deleted and replaced every few moments for as long as I can muster – or noon – whichever comes first.

Images will be shared images from my personal library or found thru quick internet search terms that spring to mind – beginning with ‘beauty’.

hope it’s fun – it will be fleeting…

do let me know if you are out there and watching.

i’d like to know what you think- and i’ve missed you…


fade to black-

project over.

more to come…

Detail from Pitcher - 9.o9

lunch plate ; circa 2oo9

November 2010
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