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Happy Christmas…

Catching up – bits and pieces

So I’m just going to take a couple posts to fill in a blank or two in order to bring me up to the present.

Gradual Skool has been a real treat.  There are many things about the institution that are troubling and many other things that just take growing accustomed to.  The Ivory Tower does often seem to be a very insular environment –  and while that is a criticism  – it also allows for a quality of focus that cannot really be found elsewhere.

While I’ve been shocked by how little work I’m able to get done in my studio  – looking back over the course of the semester  – I  really feel that I have made deep strides and begun to ask big questions.

Here’s just a few things that got me started on in the studio:

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more to come…

music of my mind…

A wonderful new friend just hipped me to this trio:

the Noisettes

makes me wonder where they’ve been all my life…

the studio version of this tune has a great old school Motown vibe to it.  makes me think of Martha and the Vandellas.

hope you enjoy.

pots to come — promise…


Easy Goin’ Glazing


One more video tonite from my bucket series.

Big thanks to Stevie and Billie for the musical assist…i couldn’t do it without them…

Glazing it up Boss…

I’ve got my last two glaze kilns of the semester loaded up and firing.

i was playing around with my iphone in the studio yesterday and thought i’d post this little reductive glazing video.  the soundtrack may be unnecessarily moody – but it’s a great song and strangely appropriate to the challenges of making pots in gradual skool.

let me know how the video runs for yawl.  it’s a first.

Fingers crossed for a good firing,

more to come……….

music of my mind…

two great new(ish) covers that have got my attention:

just dusting the cobwebs and getting back into the swing of things.

there’s a ton of backlogged stuff i’ll have to share on this blog and i promise new studiowork will be forthcoming.

entering into the last week of my 1st semester of gradual skool.  looking forward to the ‘break’ to get some work made – for a change…

enjoy Corinne Bailey Rae – she’s a treasure.  i’m pushing her new record – “the Sea’

also down with John Legend and the Roots recent release – “WAKE UP”



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