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Sunday funnies…


today just happens to kick off Shark Week:

have fun out there…






something for nothing…

the good people at iTunes are generously celebrating the  4oth anniversary of the historic Concert for Bangladesh by offering free viewing of the concert film between July 29, 11:59 p.m. EDT and August 1, 11:59 p.m. EDT.  I’m sure my good readers know how to find iTunes…go watch…

the concert was a grand gesture of generosity and common excersise of compassion that we can all continue to learn from.  our current climate, as witnessed by the ongoing circus in D.C., can stand to take a lesson.

feel free to make a contribution to The George Harrison Fund for UNICEF at any time – or just go a little bit out of your way to be good to each other – in some form.

here’s a good warm up act:

and i made this mug today:


studio: day

Coffee Pot; mugs

Summer time in the studio is feeling good.  Now that the heat wave has broken – i’m having a hell of a time making pots.  Currently working on some new Coffee Pots and Mugs for an upcoming show at the Clay Studio.

Some other stuff too:

music of my mind…

studio updates around the corner.

studio: day

putting some balls up in the air – finding my rhythm..

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

and wathching baseball…

music of my mind…

put a smile on your face while passing thru…

build a backyard beach or take a proper seaside vacation.?.

that is the question.

either way i hope somebody’s around to cool me down with those big green leaf fans…

PotShots 1-6 2o11

pits bowl; 2o11

Greetings pottery enthusiasts.  I’ve been promising (mostly myself) that i’d get images up on these internets of some of the work i’ve been doing in studio.

The following images are of pots made thruout the first half of 2o11 -shot and edited with the camera+ application on my iphone – in no particular order:

‘nothing very remarkable’ – – – –

here’s to some fresh energy on this ol’ bloggity blog.  thanks for stopping by – any impressions you may have on this new work will be most welcome…

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