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music of my mind…

no secret i’ve been on a Peanuts bender of late.  this recent obsession led me to this tune:

Schulz’ particular genius has got me thinking of the similarities of the comic strip artist and domestic studio potters.  art by and for the proletariat and such.  slowly dying traditions…

or maybe i’m just in grad skool…

’emma cumma 1st…’


sunday funnies…

birthday edition:


music of my mind…

when the internets is good – it’s very good.

thanks to Kathy King for posting this on the facebook.

thanks to whatever patient, talented, mad slave put this together.

and thanks, as always, to Mr. Waits and Mr. Monster.

howling fantods…

from the pages of never a dull moment…

shortly after a tremor shook both my soul & pots from my studio shelves – i sat waiting for a bus – flipping thru today’s NYT.

turns out the Decembrists have just produced a video based on the fictional warfare game – ‘Eschaton’ – from David Foster Wallace’s seminal Infinite Jest.

i’ve been thinking a lot of DFW lately – mostly with sadness for his loss – as i plod thru his posthumous the Pale King.  i’m so not in a hurry to get thru this last piece of writing from the greatest mind of a generation.  every brilliant page is bittersweet.

and but so, here’s a link to

the NYT article


the new video.

Let’s hope Michael Schur has the good sense to not make an Infinite Jest movie…

MFA Candidate: day I

summer, 2o11


one day into the skool year and everything has changed.

the pace of academic life is go…go…go… and while it has great value i wonder when i’ll find the time to settle in and work.

there are more images of the summer haul coming – but i couldn’t resist posting this curiosity that came out of a recent kiln.  it continues to hold my attention…which is nice…

‘B’ side:

Sunday funnies…

another stormy Sunday in State College – and the final day of summer break.

I’ve got mixed feelings about the oncoming semester.  I really enjoyed the clarity and dedication i was able to get out of my studio this Summer and I know that with the return of classes and critiques and seminars and visiting artists – my studio time will be greatly compromised and my mind will grow confused.

But that’s the challenge  – i guess…

I think I’ll go stomp in puddles.

music of my mind…

funk to funky…

studio scene:


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