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goin out to Haystack

tying up some loose ends at the homefront today in preperation for a 5am depature tomorrow.

headin North!

for a three day student run conference at Haystack Mountain School.

i’ll return just in time to install the first formal experiment of Transitive Property into the Zoller Gallery.

images and thoughts to follow…

sunday funnies…



Transitive progress…

i gave this slide show today:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

shot, edited, original, collected & appropriated images and objects

it went well.




i’ve been wandering around all week muttering ‘i’m tired…and it’s a lot of bologna’ and realizing that the above clip can be an awful lot like graduate school.

– looks like youtube doesn’t want this clip embedded – click thru – it’s worth it –

i found my studio a bit after 9 this morning – and have been completely consumed with grad skool ‘work’ ever since.
i didn’t touch clay – not even once.
this is not atypical.
and i’m not complaining – it was a good day.
when your professor wonders why your spouts aren’t quite as good as he expects..
i have a couple ideas as to why.
┬áit’s a lot of bologna…and i’m tired…

sunday funnies…

i’d rather be blogging…

anyone else out there experiencing WordPress issues the last week or so?

it’s been tentative at best at uploading photos and video.

what the fuss?

sunday funnies…

Detail from Pitcher - 9.o9

lunch plate ; circa 2oo9

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