i’ve been wandering around all week muttering ‘i’m tired…and it’s a lot of bologna’ and realizing that the above clip can be an awful lot like graduate school.

– looks like youtube doesn’t want this clip embedded – click thru – it’s worth it –

i found my studio a bit after 9 this morning – and have been completely consumed with grad skool ‘work’ ever since.
i didn’t touch clay – not even once.
this is not atypical.
and i’m not complaining – it was a good day.
when your professor wonders why your spouts aren’t quite as good as he expects..
i have a couple ideas as to why.
 it’s a lot of bologna…and i’m tired…

1 Response to “Peculiar”

  1. 1 Alix September 14, 2011 at 1:40 am

    I cant watch thıs vıdeo as ı am ın an ınternet cafe that only has turkısh language on thıs computer and cant fıgure out thıs volume thıng. After too much grad school I fınd some odd satısfactıon ın beıng confused by somethıng real…somethıng solvable..somethıng not so ıntellectual… An electrıcal converter that cost less then 75 cents takes me two days of searchıng to fınd. But ıt ıs not marked by faılure- ıt ıs marked by the journey- a pleasant one through back streets and unfamılıar scenes. And then I fınd the charger and ıt works. Sımple. Lıke that… I fınd ıt. I use ıt. And ıt works. And here also the clay ın my hands ıs clay agaın- full of mystery and unasked questıons. Tıme ıs only at the precıpıce of now- and ın thıs now there ıs no WHY.

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