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the people are revolting

TPM shared this tidbit today that would be funny if not shameful:

Billionaire Home Depot Founder Says Pope Francis Is Alienating The Rich
having been far from the Catholic Church since my youth – i am fascinated by this new Pontiff – oddly he seems to share a number of attributes with that Christ guy the Christians seem to like to talk about.
here’s a bit better than the world’s smallest musical saw playing ‘Cry Me a River‘:

take it away Ella:

there’s nothing like evidence of a selfish CEO to put me in the mood for giving.  so this article has got me off the fence and prompted me to send a little scratch to my favorite Buddhist organization in NYC :

 give what you can to whom you can whenever you can and remember to smile.
Happy ’14 Every One
steven colby: potter

Offering the Mandala

Grandma Kay with her Mother and Father ~ 1963

Grandma Kay with her Mother and Father ~ 1963

dedicated to a great Teacher, dear Friend and cherished Grandmother:

       Katherine Colby – (1924 – 2013)


By this deed, May every living being Experience The Pure World


Idam guru ratna mandalakam niryatayami.

i’ll be home for Christmas…

steven colby : potter

i give you Bing – only because the internets are not providing me with a link to Bob Dylan growling and crooning thru this music of my mind:

Happy Christmas

Xmas $awBucks

Xmas $awBucks

music of my mind…


this night pierces me like a sword

this night pierces me like a sword

music of my mind…

music of my mind…


Steven Colby : potter

don’t be square – i implore you.



that’s right gang.  i’ve found myself in some merry company this HollyDaze Season.  i’m honored and grateful to be part of this group in our first show of the season at Harvey/Meadows Gallery.  the show is shaping up and we open tomorrow – should you be in and around the valley – come pay us a visit and see the show.

i shot my pots for the exhibition yesterday – here’s a preview:




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