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January 20, 2o14.



pots for $ale

shot glass - 2013 ; $18 @ Schulman Project

shot glass – 2013 ; $18 @ Schulman Project

i’ve got a nice little body of work available at the Schulman Project.  Benji has done a great job putting this gallery together in Baltimore – and i’m pleased to have some pots there for sale.  so if you’d like to support a working potter and a new gallery commited to cutting edge ceramic art – pay a visit to The Schulman Project and poke around a  bit.





Schlitz Brewer

Schlitz Brewer

my first pots of 2o14 are coming together.  while i’ve resolved to make more large pots this year -(big covered jars in particular)- show invites have conspired to keep me attached to the cup – for this 1st round.  mugs for hot adult beverages are cooking as we speak en route to the Clay Studio in Philadelphia for a fun little upcoming show called ‘Warm&Fuzzy’ – for which , in conjunction with old SAWmate Andi Korber, and a bottle of excellent Rum received from my brother for the christmas, i have developed the ‘Nasty Corsair‘ & ‘the ‘Stiff Willie‘.  and the annual yunomi show at Akar has an oddly early deadline – so i’ll be turning and trimming sencha tea cups  directly.  i’ve also vowed to get a kiln load of flower pots made for the springtime – which is closer than  appears.  and my final resolution is to work on a precept called ‘devotion’ which has always puzzled me – though i’m coming around with the help of Glorious Manjushri.

of my mind…

i’m sure hoping that the New Year is finding you all well.

today is the day to break a bit of a dry spell in my studio.  it has been a fertile few weeks of thinking, feeling, writing and sharing good time with good people.  now that i have places to make art from – it’s high time to get back to the making.  so you can expect some wet pot pics up here in the near future.

enjoy the 1/2hr of Joni…
May all beings everywhere be safe, be happy, be healthy, and live with ease.


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