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i’ve got a handful of new mugs available at the Clay Studio shop.

i can dig on this nice little review offered by the Clay Studio this morning:
 ‘Steven Colbys new pots are as rustic as it gets. This piece seems to have been hewn from a tree trunk rather than formed from clay. We love this new direction.’

their winter cup show –‘warm&fuzzy’ has just opened.  i’m pleased to be in good company.  go have a look around.

of my mind…

i’m sure hoping that the New Year is finding you all well.

today is the day to break a bit of a dry spell in my studio.  it has been a fertile few weeks of thinking, feeling, writing and sharing good time with good people.  now that i have places to make art from – it’s high time to get back to the making.  so you can expect some wet pot pics up here in the near future.

enjoy the 1/2hr of Joni…
May all beings everywhere be safe, be happy, be healthy, and live with ease.


the people are revolting

TPM shared this tidbit today that would be funny if not shameful:

Billionaire Home Depot Founder Says Pope Francis Is Alienating The Rich
having been far from the Catholic Church since my youth – i am fascinated by this new Pontiff – oddly he seems to share a number of attributes with that Christ guy the Christians seem to like to talk about.
here’s a bit better than the world’s smallest musical saw playing ‘Cry Me a River‘:

take it away Ella:

there’s nothing like evidence of a selfish CEO to put me in the mood for giving.  so this article has got me off the fence and prompted me to send a little scratch to my favorite Buddhist organization in NYC :

 give what you can to whom you can whenever you can and remember to smile.
Happy ’14 Every One
steven colby: potter

it’s off-season, Charlie Brown…

IMG_1695Somehow October has found our heels.  The Roaring Fork Valley is giving us Indian Summer, Autumnal perfection & Winter is Here – weather – all at the same time.  Which is nice…

We refer to this time of year as the off-season in this part of the world.  The Farmers’ Market is coming to an end, we’re putting the H/M Gallery to bed for a bit and there are a few more windows for me to get into the studio for a stretch.  Lots of pottery in the hopper.

Of course the ‘things to do in the off-season’ list has been growing since July – so we’ll see how all that goes.

width of a circle

‘i want to put it in my mouth…’

jug by виолета керемидчиева ~from the Orr studio collection

jug by виолета керемидчиева ~from the Orr studio collection

fresh off the road following a wonderful week in Austin, TX.

it was a treat to spend time with The Art of the Pot, our hosts, new friends and old & the city of Austin.

and it’s always nice to be home…

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