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i’ve got a handful of new mugs available at the Clay Studio shop.

i can dig on this nice little review offered by the Clay Studio this morning:
 ‘Steven Colbys new pots are as rustic as it gets. This piece seems to have been hewn from a tree trunk rather than formed from clay. We love this new direction.’

their winter cup show –‘warm&fuzzy’ has just opened.  i’m pleased to be in good company.  go have a look around.




Schlitz Brewer

Schlitz Brewer

my first pots of 2o14 are coming together.  while i’ve resolved to make more large pots this year -(big covered jars in particular)- show invites have conspired to keep me attached to the cup – for this 1st round.  mugs for hot adult beverages are cooking as we speak en route to the Clay Studio in Philadelphia for a fun little upcoming show called ‘Warm&Fuzzy’ – for which , in conjunction with old SAWmate Andi Korber, and a bottle of excellent Rum received from my brother for the christmas, i have developed the ‘Nasty Corsair‘ & ‘the ‘Stiff Willie‘.  and the annual yunomi show at Akar has an oddly early deadline – so i’ll be turning and trimming sencha tea cups  directly.  i’ve also vowed to get a kiln load of flower pots made for the springtime – which is closer than  appears.  and my final resolution is to work on a precept called ‘devotion’ which has always puzzled me – though i’m coming around with the help of Glorious Manjushri.

music of my mind… etc, etc…

Tuesday Morning Tea


dark and chilly waking up these days.  a bit of tieguanyin in an old friend helps get things going.  i haven’t had this Ron pot around for very long.  it came to me thru a dear friend during her moving process this past spring.  Made sometime in the mid 90’s at a workshop in West Virginia – this old cat seems at home in the Rocky Mountains.

a quick kilnload last week landed some pretty hot results – the best of which were shipped off immediately.  but here are some treats from the last week in potterland:

more images to come…

width of a circle

august kiln.

studio shots of fresh pots

this page certainly has all of the info I needed about this subject and didn’t know who to ask.

steven colby sancai glazeglaze kiln emptied out this morning with a couple of gems.  i’ll get to shoot them this evening while i sand, price & pack for tomorrow’s market.


more to come…

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