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Wednesday get up and blues

i’m running at least 3 days behind right now so here is this blog’s fix of blues –

it’s a long time favorite and a humdinger.


check out the developing library website:

flip thru the card catalog, follow the Artstream, sign up on our mailing list and say hello at the blog.

it is still a work in progress – but it’s lookin good.

scenes from the library…

Library- day1 (2)

The Artstream Ceramic Library got off to a fine start yesterday.  We sent out mugs by Christa Assad, Ayumie Horie, Lisa Orr, Alleghany Meadows, Mary Barringer, Mark Pharis Linda Sikora and myself.  It was super fun to try to explain what we were up to.  Some folks got it immediatly and some folks weren’t quite sure what the angle was.  If there is an angle – we don’t know what it is either – but it sure was a blast to play librarian – though the Smith Corona took some getting used to…

Library- day1 Library- day1 (1)

Library- day 1 (3)

Pottery purse

I checked out a Pharis mug.  Stay tuned for photos of it in action.




09-013-03 (6)

The Library has landed…

A special delivery from the Matter Factory arrived today.

Another Artstream project spearheaded by Alleghany Meadows and Andy Brayman is set to launch at the Aspen Farmers Market this Saturday:

Artstream Ceramic Library

beginning with a collection of mugs made by a collection of American potters, the Artstream Ceramic Library will be loaning out its collection to the general public.

each pot in the collection is housed in an individual handmade wood box and emblazoned with a corresponding catalog # and Artstream Ceramic Library decal.

first piece out of the box was item 09-013-03, a beautiful mug made by Elizabeth Robinson Wiley.

we’ll be sending pots into homes (in their handsome carrying cases) asking only a story, photo, recipe and eventual safe return.  There is a website being developed as we speak that will collect and catalog all of the objects, stories and travels that are part of our growing library.

i’ll keep you posted…

images of the ribbon cutting ceremony as follows:


dianekenney on i saw
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