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talking jar

Ron Meyers - NCECA Pre Conference @ Montgomery 4.1o

Great images from our pre conference: Making Thru Living…Living Thru Making posted by Dave Thomas.


the Artstream and myself are back home in Carbondale, CO.

i’ll get the studio back together today and make some dishes tomorrow.

Sunday blues

I got to see that beautiful old man up there at the Wheeler Opera House in Aspen on friday nite.  Gathering my friends on the spur of the moment to run out to Montclair, NJ to see Richie play one summer nite back in 1995 changed my life.  This is my favorite tune of his from the pre-Freedom days.

This’ll be the last Sunday blues and my last glazing day before I hit the open road with a 3o ft. silver twinkie.

Check the schedule to see if we’ll be stopping in a town near you as we make our way to Philly for the really big show:

here are some raw images of recent pots:

music of my mind…

a dear friend just passed along two disks of Shiela Chandra.  Beautiful voice and spirit – not so rough on the eyes either.

i’m back in the studio after stressing for months over my Alfred Grad application.  I feel good about what I sent in and relieved that it’s out of my hands for the time being.

There seems to be a bunch of cup shows coming up that i need to produce for and the Artstream NCECA tour is nipping at my heals.  i’ll hope to see a bunch of yawl on the road.

I’ll be posting studio shots as the work moves forward.

scenes from the weekend

new acquisition

1st Friday was too much fun and a fine day at market.

i think i saw the summer in my rear view mirror today… here comes autumn.?.

scenes from the market…


Really good day at the market – lots of laughs, lots of beauty and we found good homes for a bundle of pots.

Here’s some of what it looked like out there:

now i’m off to Carbondale’s Mountain Fair – who doesn’t Love summer in the Rockies?

should i take it.?.

Artstream Texas Tour 'o9

The Artstream has landed…

We pulled in around supper time last evening, safe and sound.  I’m going to take the day to re-enter, recover and reorganize.  I’ll hope to get into the studio at some point tomorrow – get some pots goin and some photos posted.

stay tuned…


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