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“Anyone makin’ pots for your campaign?”

"Anbody makin' pots for your campaign?"

“No, I wouldn’t think so.”

Anybody wanderin’ into these parts must not only be aware of Obamaware, but pretty stoked about it too.

Here’s the newest latest…

Twenty-seven ceramic artists have joined in creating Obama/Biden-specific work, much of it limited edition, in an effort to raise money in support of Barrack Obama in this crucial election. We invite you to support our efforts, as half of the proceeds of your purchase will go directly to the campaign. Potters often talk about the intersection of art and everyday life and functional ceramic’s power to impact people on a daily, intimate basis. Through Obamaware 2008, we hope to expand this dialogue by generating a timely conversation and by supporting a candidate who is brave enough to promote a hopeful, humanistic paradigm.

With thousands of people eager to see and buy Obamaware, the site set up to host the sale kept crashing, so the sale has been moved to Ebay where a store has been set up and a 3-day auction will be held.

3-day Auction begins:
SUNDAY, October 19, at 8 pm EST

Other things you should know:

  • Each piece will have a Buy It Now option, which is 200% of the retail price, so first come, first serve.
  • Once a piece is bid on, the Buy it Now option will disappear, and the cup will go to the highest bidder, so you can bid, and hope to get it at retail price, but risk prices skyrocketing…which is a good thing for the fundraiser, or you can ante up 200% of retail and own your first choice outright. You decide!
  • The reserve price of each item is the retail price. The retail price is listed at the preview on Ayumi’s site.
  • I recommend getting an account early so you’ll be ready to bid!


  • read more about OBAMAWARE and the participating artists HERE
  • see detailed photographs of all the pieces in the sale HERE
  • read Sarah Archer’s excellent essay: Kitchen Table Politics: ‘Obamaware’ Campaigns for Change, One Mug at a Time,
    on the intersection of art and politics HERE
Obamaware Mug

Just think, this 1ofaKind mug could be yours…


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