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Christmas in February

Sam just gave Alleghany and I our Christmas presents.  Made especially by Ayumi to assist us in learning to speaka de Italian language.

Joseph and Andy look jealous behind us.

Just opening a great new exhibition featuring new work of Sam Harvey and Andy Brayman.  Come on out if you have the means.

Check the Harvey/Meadows website for images of the new work.

Good Nite to be a Potter in the Roaring Fork Valley

This evening at the Harvey/Meadows Gallery was a special one.  An amazing cast of characters came out for our reception and we were surrounded by some incredible work.

Here’s a taste:

lest i forget

Ron Meyers piggy

There’s a great show up at the Harvey/Meadows Gallery.

Ron Meyers – who is a personal hero  – is headlining and has sent an amazing body of work out to Aspen.

We also have made selections from our usual suspects ranging from Betty Woodman to Jeffrey Kaller to Richard Shaw.

Richard Shaw detail

there’s some great work available for purchase, but This One –

Ron Meyers rabbit

she is mine…

all in a day’s work…

Harvey Meadows-Julia Galloway (9)

The Harvey/Meadows Gallery is gearing up for its Summer Season.  We are opening with a BANG!

Julia Galloway and Arthur Gonzalez will be our featured artists from June 15 – July 12.

I had the great good fortune of working with Julia and her assistant, Steve installing quite a show of pots.  As Steve said ‘Julia sets the bar pretty high’.  Good for her- and good for all of us in the studio pottery community…

Reception with Julia and Arthur at the Harvey/Meadows Gallery:  June 25th – 5-8pm; Gallery Talk 6pm

Join us…

Alleghany Meadows; Double Spiral Bowl Set

Alleghany Meadows; Double Spiral Bowl Set

I’ll be a bit scarce over the next few days.  I’ve resumed my part time job as gallery assistant up at The Harvey / Meadows Gallery at the base of Aspen, Highlands.

Our opening show for the winter season is particularly exciting as for the first time in the history of The Harvey / Meadows Gallery two fine artists named Sam Harvey and Alleghany Meadows will be featured.  There is also a very fine painter whose work I enjoyed being around, but have yet to learn his name (this is a blog after all, not a press release).

Saturday is opening day @ Highlands and our exhibition will run from 4-7.  Please join us for artist talks around 6pm.

Hope to see you there…

Sam Harvey; White Bowl

Sam Harvey; White Bowl

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