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sweet Loretta Fa(r)t she thought she was a cleaner, but she was a frying pan .

i wish i made it…

Kitaoji Rosanji ~ 1883 – 1959

Kitaoji Rosanjin ~ 1883 – 1959

as i go in to make plates today – this pot is much on my mind.

something in the air today is really talking like autumn is on our heels.  Rosanjin’s plate above and the Kenzan’s below really evoke this changing of season.

the American Pottery Festival is coming right up and I’m hoping to get two – maybe three glaze kilns out ahead of the deadline.

i’ve been obsessed by cups and mugs lately.  mostly i like trying to do a lot w/ a little – and i’m still sketching thru ideas and permutations of the new surfaces – but i’ve got to move on to some other forms.

today it’s plates and jars and it’s nice to go into the studio w/ Rosanjin and Kenzan on my mind.

Ogata Kenzan ~ 1663-1743

Ogata Kenzan ~ 1663-1743

Detail from Pitcher - 9.o9

lunch plate ; circa 2oo9

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