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Tuesday Morning Tea


dark and chilly waking up these days.  a bit of tieguanyin in an old friend helps get things going.  i haven’t had this Ron pot around for very long.  it came to me thru a dear friend during her moving process this past spring.  Made sometime in the mid 90’s at a workshop in West Virginia – this old cat seems at home in the Rocky Mountains.

a quick kilnload last week landed some pretty hot results – the best of which were shipped off immediately.  but here are some treats from the last week in potterland:

more images to come…

Sunday funnies…

the Spikes sure could use a win tonite – or a rainout – anything to stop the bleeding…

i found this beauty kickin’ around my grad neighbors’ freshly vacated studio:

something so beautiful about dusty old greenware.  i wish i made it….


extra bonus – cause the weather made this classic cross my mind:

lest i forget

Ron Meyers piggy

There’s a great show up at the Harvey/Meadows Gallery.

Ron Meyers – who is a personal hero  – is headlining and has sent an amazing body of work out to Aspen.

We also have made selections from our usual suspects ranging from Betty Woodman to Jeffrey Kaller to Richard Shaw.

Richard Shaw detail

there’s some great work available for purchase, but This One –

Ron Meyers rabbit

she is mine…


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