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mugs of the moment…

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A real nice Sam Chung is helping me wake up this morning.  I took this beauty in trade during this year’s Art of the Pot tour down in Austin where Sam and I got to catch up a bit.  It has this wonderful waxy quality and feels like a real good cup of coffee.

a big teaching gig just came my way – so i’ll be a bit scarce in the immediate future.  Wish me luck…


While the getting is good…

Sam Chung, Ewer 2oo8

Sam Chung, Ewer 2oo8

Yesterday was a good day.  The stars aligned in such a way that I HAD to acquire the above piece.  I’ve been drooling over it for weeks and last night other people were looking at MY Chung pot and I got jealous- so i invoked the red dot.

I also had the privilege to run thru a great private art collection in Aspen yesterday morning.  A collection begun by being in the right place at the right time and snapping up art you can’t quite afford before it becomes art you will never be able to afford.

Detail from Pitcher - 9.o9

lunch plate ; circa 2oo9

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