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it’s a coming…

if you ever have the chance:

arrange to have a show with a kickass painter who also happens to be a very talented graphic designer.  Stanley just whipped this poster up like it was nothin.  isn’t he good?

i just fired a kiln off and will load another tomorrow.  we’ll finish up our collaborative works on paper and then i have to figure out how to show 2D stuff- it’s been awhile.

stay posted for images of the new work.


big week for stevie

new kilnlook who i just picked up – aint she pretty?

my dear friend is very good at watching Craig’s List for deals and bargains.

he found this little beauty outside Pueblo, CO

it’s never been fired and is in perfect shape and was a screamin deal.

You see that thing to the right of the peepholes?  That’s called a computer and should add dozens of years to my life – or at least improve my mood during crunch times.

I’ve had my heart set on an L&L for awhile and I’ll be stoked to give it a good workout.


tonite is the nite I’ve commited to giving a gallery talk at SAW.  It’s been nice being around the work all week – having it under the lights and lookin good – instead of crammed onto my studio shelves or piled into Rubbermaid bins.  I think I’m starting to figure out a thing or two about the work – but who knows what I’ll say?

come on out to SAW tonite at 7 if you are able.


Colby @ SAW

scenes from the weekend

new acquisition

1st Friday was too much fun and a fine day at market.

i think i saw the summer in my rear view mirror today… here comes autumn.?.

happy 1st friday

Stan Invite

I’m really looking forward to Stan’s show this evening.  Come by SAW and say hello.

Stan @ SAW Stan @ SAW ii Stan detail in progress


If you are in town – drop by the Carbondale Clay Center for an exhibition by Ginny Sims:

Ginny Sims

I’m off to clean up the tornado that struck my studio.

Hope to see you all out and about this evening.

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