some pots


Nixon/Kennedy style – I’m tuning in over radio tonite- & getting some pots made in the studio.

i won’t like what i hear.

I’d rather watch Dionne Warwick or Cher. this is a bad infomercial.

McConnell went full on atlas shrugged.

Float Like a Butterfly ; Sting Like a Bee. Rumble old man, Rumble.

as if black lives matter. ~ Rudy Giuliani.

Cotton pickin’ Mind

Why do you preach to the choir ? To get them them to sing. Maya Wiley for Mayor. I like the sound of that.

As if I had the capacity to

Emote compassion – just like a human being – here I stand – in front of you – like Lewis & Clark – with his Providence to ask you – to confront – with me – Loke Roosevelt – to confront the invisible thing to keep faith with god America 1st toseethat every this that this great nation has ever done is thanks time me.

Where is she and who’s clapping ?

But then , uh.

I’m just here as a member of the family

Mexico 🇲🇽 will pay. You heard me.

In other words ‘my family ‘ – det. Famillas childeren- please stand up.

i saw

the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness,

starving, histerical, naked

dragging themselves thru the negro streets at dawn looking for an angry fix..

Angel headed hipsters- burning for the ancient heavenly connection , staring at the starry dynamo in the machinery of nite.

& then , uh.

fresh pots

nine fresh pots available at &

doing some house keeping around this old blog. happy to have these pots up for sale. i’m really proud of these mugs – i’ve been able to get a real solidity into the pots while maintaining a sense of wet clay on the wheel. thanks for looking around. please let me know if you have any questions.

(t)here is the great earth…



thanks for visiting my corner of the internet.  this old site is all fulls up.  i’ve moved my blogging practice over to

please click over – you’ll find new pots, old pots, wet pots, broke pots and the usual menagerie of inspirations that make me make the work.

all my best,


‘Beauty is a pledge of the possible conformity between the soul and nature, and consequently a ground of faith in the supremacy of the good.’~George Santayana.


Qiu Zhijie
(Chinese, 1969)
Heart Sutra

ink on paper

more on the artists website:



when it’s over…

The Bangles
Syria Mosque Arena
Pittsburgh, PA; 1986

for whatever reason –

i assumed the capacity of this weBlog was something near the infinite.  (how could we run into the end of cyberspace?)

but  – it seems – WordPress has it’s limits and/or (at 6or7 years in – wants some $$$).

so fresh images will not be forthcoming on this platform.

&butso –

this evening

yawl get a new old poem from the pen of E.D.

& a selection of old images that the platform allows for republication –

+ the previous prose that have been recently endangered in these parts:


  • ‘Apology for Her
    Be rendered by the Bee
    Herself, without a Parliament
    Apology for Me’



it’snotevenfair – or’ourWorld&ourReality’

experiencingloss –

backingup on DFW for myriad reasons tonite. what i’ve always appreciated about David’s life was his commitment to an effort toward ‘T’rue sincerity (w/style). A heart as well as a mind @WORK…:

Caveman Handprint

May 2021

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